March 8, 2018

Food In Bogotá

Food in Bogotá ?? – so far, so good ? The bulk of my diet has been either fried, greasy street food like empanadas and arepas con queso or, more recently, delicious 3 course meals at my coworking space.

With the exception of a couple bland empanadas here or there, the food has not disappointed.

But what’s surprised me the most is the cost. Most empanadas will cost you $1,000-$2,000. (They use the dollar sign here even for their Colombian Peso so that converts to about 35¢-70¢.) I saw a place selling them for as cheap as $600 (21¢) which means for $5 USD you could get over 20 empanadas!!!

It gets better…at my coworking, the 3 course meals include a drink (usually a fresh juice blend like orange, melon & lemon), a soup, the main course (a protein with 2 sides), and a dessert all expertly prepared by a professional chef. This would cost AT LEAST $20 anywhere in the states and here it goes for the same price as 23 empanadas…five bucks!


I could go on but I’ll stop with this final example – picture 7 – a roasted chicken plate. I got aquarter chicken (breast & wing), 2baby potatoes, a mini arepa (at least I think that’s what it was), a salad, & a lemonade for a grand total of $2 USD!


Last but not least…la papa.On my way home from work I spotted what looked like a papa rellena. If you’re familiar with Cuban food, or have ever been to Porto’s, you’ve probably enjoyed a papa rellena which is basically a mashed potato ball stuffed with picadillo aka Cuban-style ground beef. This was similar, but it also had rice and hardboiled eggs in it! I’d still have to give the edge to the Porto’s potato ball but this papa put up a good fight.




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